Wega Pegaso EVD 2 Group

A reliable, high performance coffee machine at an outstanding price

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The Wega Pegaso EVD 2 Group is a reliable and hard-working coffee machine. This machine will perform in a fast-paced cafe environment and has great specifications that can't be beaten for the price. Manufactured by the Wega Espresso Company, renowned for their durability and quality this is the perfect entry point for the home, office or cafe environment.

- Four programmable doses per group
- Manual brewing button
- Two steam wands
- Single hot water outlet
- Built-in motor and pump
- 122mm raised group heads
- E61 group heads
- Heat exchangers
- Thermosyphon circulation
- Automatic boiler refill
- Single & double portafilters
- Matt black finish
- Rotary pump
- Directly plumbed to pressurised water supply

- Machine is 20AMP *Single Phase

- Water inlet with stopcock valve and 350kpa pressure limiting valve. Placed underneath the coffee machine.
- Water outlet with waste tongue dish.

- The recommended bench should be approximately 2500mm long, be between 850mm to 950mm deep and approximately 850mm to 900mm high to allow coffee making in front of machine comfortably.
- We also recommend grinder power points to be located underneath machine – with a hole 70mm wide to accommodate leads. The 65-75mm hole is generally made under where the coffee machine will be placed.

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- Brand: Wega EVDPR 2 Group
- Dimensions (cm. WxDxH): 74 x 55.5 x 51.5
- Power: 3400 watts
- Water Tank: 10.5 litres
- Weight: 62kg

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