Arkadia Chai Spice Powder

Spice Arkadia Chai Tea
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Featuring black tea and a secret blend of exotic spices, Arkadia's signature brew follows traditional Indian chai tea recipes, savoured for over 5000 years.

Arkadia is passionate about delivering the most cafe indulgent chai teas. Masterfully blended to ensure every sip is a perfect balance of tea, aromatic spices and distinctive flavours.

Directions for use:
Chai Tea
Place 2-3 teaspoons in a cup (180ml), add hot water, stir and enjoy.

Chai Latte
Place 2-3 teaspoons in a cup (180ml), add hot milk, stir, top with frothed milk to finish.


Can also be used as a base for Iced Chai and Chai Frappes.

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Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup solids, vegetable oil, maltodextrin (corn derived), flavours, instant tea (4%), sodium caseinate, mineral salts (340,451,452), emulsifiers (471, 481, soy lecithin), salt, anticaking agent (551).

Contains milk and soy products.


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