Puqpress Automatic Coffee Tamper

The World’s First Automatic Coffee Tamper
$1,749.00 $1,749.00


Seasoned baristas know full well how hand tampers provide the potential of error due to the nature of the technology and the pressure applied. Puqpress eliminates the risk of channelled shots, short or long shot times and most obviously physical injuries caused by the repetitive nature of a baristas work.

- Fully automatic coffee tamper
- Never before seen self-levelling mechanism
- Adjustable pressure from 10 – 30kg
- Double tamp cycle of 1.3 seconds
- Digitally optimised tamping pressure means perfect consistency every time
- Removes tamping from coffee training schedules to save time
- Compact design takes up minimal space
- Easy to clean and maintain
- Superior quality designed and manufactured in the Netherlands
- Barista approved in cafes across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

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- Brand: PuqPress
- Power: 60 watts
- Dimensions (cm. WxDxH):  15 x 12.5 x 22
- Weight: 3.6kg


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