Peru Organic Biodegradable Capsule 10 pack

Introducing the Peru Organic Biodegradable coffee capsule!
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This new capsule is made from 100% plant based and biodegradable material* and is also Nespresso® compatible. Unlike most aluminium and plastic capsules, this capsule will biodegrade in normal landfill within 180 days.

The capsule features our Golden Bean award winning Organic coffee from Peru. This single origin coffee has been sourced through the Crop to Cup program and has been grown and processed without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

You can expect a well-balanced flavour from this coffee with deep chocolate and light citrus flavours.

Read this best use guide to get the most out of your Bio Caps.

*The plastic sleeve film encasing the capsules is required to maintain the oxygen barrier and shelf life of the capsules. This sleeve is not biodegradable.

Read more about our Peru Organic capsule on our blog

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Best capsules ever
By Cathy in Victoria/Australia , 9 months ago
I had been waiting for Di Bella to release a biodegradable capsule, so when I received the email in December, I ordered straight away. We had recently been ordering biodegradable capsules from another supplier, but the coffee was okay, not great. When we received these new capsules, we weren't disappointed. These are the best capsules I've tasted! The flavor is robust but smooth, with a lovely crema - just perfect. Best of all, the coffee is organic and we put the used capsules straight in our compost bin. (And we just ordered more, while they're on special!). Well done Di Bella.
Awesome coffee
By Robyn in Qld. Australia , 9 months ago
Beautiful rich flavour. Fanatastic that it is organic and the capsules are biodegradable. The capsules are a bit slower in the Nespresso machine but a small price to pay 💰 for it to be almost 10% biodegradable.