Panama Geisha and Chemex 3 Cup Bundle

Panama Geisha and Chemex 3 Cup Bundle
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Bundle 250g of our delicious and delicate Panama Geisha coffee with the pristine 1-3 cup Classic Chemex maker. Chemex makers are perfect for creating rich depth of coffee flavours that are sediment free and without bitterness.

The Panama Geisha coffee will be supplied in whole beans to preserve freshness. If you have any queries regarding grinding this coffee, please contact us at

About the Coffee


The Don Pepe Estate is located in the town of Boquete, situated on the slopes of the Barú Volcano in the humid forest of Panama. In 1898 Don Enrique Vásquez founded the town and introduced coffee growing.

Don Pepe Estate is an eco-friendly farm, 1500 meter above sea level. Coffee plantations are cultivated harmoniously between farmer and nature, in order to preserve these areas. Water is not wasted, as the pulping machines do not need water.

Due to the ecological conditions of this region, Don Pepe Estate has also been careful to assign land to preserve the primary forest. This environmental vision, gives the family its greatest source of pride.

FARM SIZE: 60 Hectares in Production: 6 Hectares Geisha, 4.5 Hectares Java, 8 Hectares Bourbon, 5 Hectares Typica, 3.5 Hectares Pacamara, 20 Hectares Catuai, 13 Hectares Caturra and the rest of the farm, approximately 20 hectares, is a primary tree forest reserve.

HARVEST: The harvest starts late November until mid-April and coffee availability starts from May.

DRYING: 100% of the coffee is pre-dried in sun patio. All special coffees as geisha, java, bourbon and typica are dried on African beds.

SEASON: It starts in the month of April with a “machete” cleaning followed by a selective pruning and weeding. After the tree is pruned fertilizers are applied each month during the winter time (6-8 months). The harvest begins in late November and at its high you can see up to 300 temporary workers on the farm.

Farm Name: Don Pepe Estate
Variety: Geisha
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1,650 - 1800 msnm
Slope Direction: South East
Avg. Temp: 13°C - 25°C
Avg. Rainfall: 2200mm
Growing Region: Volcancito, Boquete
Owner: Jesús A. Vásquez



Coffee to water ratio
To achieve an optimal brew we recommend a 1:15 - 1:16 ratio. Meaning that for every 1 gram of coffee 15-16ml of water is used. So for 15gm of coffee you will add 250ml of water.

Grind size
Grind size for brewing should be medium-coarse to coarse. The texture should be quite grainy, similar to cracked pepper. If you use your own grinder some small adjustments and testing will be necessary to get the perfect grind. 

Water temperature
Water temperature has a noticeable impact on the coffee and should be between 94-96 degrees C, and added in 30 second intervals. Make sure you have thermometers to control temperature.

Brewing equipment specifics
For a Chemex or V60 the water should be added in stages, pausing between each stage e.g. 50ml, followed by 100ml, followed by 50ml, and finishing with 50ml.

TIP: to achieve the best results a set of scales should be used to ensure consistency.

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