Modena Blend

Beautiful stone-fruit and toasted almonds
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Rich and Smooth

Modena leaves you wanting more from the very first sip. Relish the aromas of roasted almonds, flavours of chocolate and stone fruit, medium acidity, moderate body and a bold finish.

Flavour Profile
Espresso - Honey Nougat, Pecan Nuts, Caramel, Spice
Milk - 
Roasted Almonds, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut

Roast colour

Brewing methods
This coffee is perfect for a range of brewing methods, review our selection of Coffee MachinesStovetopsPlungers, Filters and the Aeropress coffee maker.

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Customer reviews

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By Sandra in Victoria , one year ago
We got hooked to DiBella with Premium blend but once we tried Modena we were bowled over my the richness and intensity of flavours. Perfect for the daily coffee hit (or should we say "hits"). We keep coming back for more. Thanks guys!
Excellent all rounder
By Tash in ACT , 2 years ago
Great with milk or on it's own, Modena suits most brewing methods. I've tried almost all the Di Bella blends and I think this is the best value for money. If you're looking for something a little more luxurious, try the Arnika, but for everyday it's really hard to pass this one up.
Our favourite
By Tracey in WA , 3 years ago
We have just purchased a new Breville Oracle. We tried many different coffees, but Modena is the best. We have been buying Di Bella flat whites from our local cafe and are thrilled we can now enjoy this fabulous flavour at home. It is definitely our favourite. Thanks Di Bella, love your work!
Great taste for all.
By Aldo in Iswich, Qld. , 3 years ago
While as an espresso it is glorious and lush, I love Modena best from my parents' old counter-top percolator. Wow. It is a richer, smoother flavoured reminder of the "kenya mocha" they used to get from Basile in Adelaide Street in the sixties and later. I also get to have a second cup as well. Thanks to all the Di Bella crew.