Kruve Sifter Silver (6 Sieves)

'Many have tried to perfect the grinder. ..KRUVE perfected the grind!'
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The typical coffee grinder uses a numerical / symbolised dial that can be set to a preferred brew method within a range of fine, medium or coarse grind. The real question is, how do these settings accurately quantify on a micron level and become replicable time after time, brew after brew? 

With the genius two tiers design and up to twelve interchangeable sieve sizes to choose from, there are 66 combinations in one unit to get your grind just as you want it.

The KRUVE sifter makes the dream of achieving a consistent brew a reality, regardless of the brewing method, by removing the variability in grind size and allowing consistency to be maintained each time.

How to use:

  1. Choose and set your preferred sieve screens in the top and bottom holder.
  2. Stack the sifter together, add ground coffee to the top holder and replace lid
  3. Shake. . shake. . . shake!
  4. The desired grind will be collected in the bottom holder while the large particles will be held in the top 2 holders.
  5. Brew & Enjoy!

The KRUVE is also an accurate tool to assist with 'dialling in' your grinder, using micron level precision.


What's in the Box?

1 x KRUVE Sifter
1 x 200 μm Sieve 
1 x 300 μm Sieve 
1 x 400 μm Sieve 
1 x 600 μm Sieve 
1 x 800 μm Sieve 
1 x 1000 μm Sieve 
1 x Bamboo Sieve holder

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