Indian Robusta Parchment AB Washed Green Beans

Indian Robusta Parchment AB Washed Green Beans
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Country of Origin: India
Region: Mysore

Species and Variety: Robusta
Crop: 2015
Grade: AB
Altitude: 850 m.a.s.l
Moisture: 11.8%
Screen Size: 14+
Processing: Washed

Acidity: Low
Body: Full

Cup Notes: Fragrance of malt, heavy caramel & toasted cedar. Notes of caramel, chocolate and hazelnuts.

In 1972 Raja Gopal acquired the Kerehuckloo estate where he and his family still live today. The Kerehuckloo Estate supplies coffee to all over the world, with the majority of his Arabica coffees exported to Germany, U.S and Australia. Kerehuckloo Estate is one of the largest suppliers of Robusta Parchment.
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