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The manual Hottop Roaster is the recommended roaster for ultimate control over your roasting profile
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Hottop Coffee Roasters are the ultimate home coffee roasters for those who want to try roasting their own beans. The Hottop Roaster provides the avid home roaster with unequalled roast control and flexibility with which to achieve the perfect roast.  

The Hottop Roaster features:

- 250-300g roast capacity
- Manual control system with continual access to heater power and fan speed
- Proportional heater control allows continuous partial power for fine roast control
- Roast profiles can be saved to memory for later use
- 3 memory storage for programmed roasts

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How to Operate the Hottop Roaster
1. Enter auto-eject time and temperature
2. Commence the roast
3. Adjust heater power and fan speed to build a profile as you roast
4. Eject the roast when ready
5. If desired, save the profile you created to a memory location

Safety Features

There are three safety warnings you may encounter during your roast which come into play when temperatures or temperature change rates may be too high:

  1. If the drum temperature reaches 180oC within the first 8.5 minutes - the roast will continue but the control panel will beep at you and you must acknowledge this by pressing any button (other than eject) within 20 seconds or the roast will eject
  2. Once the drum temperature reaches 210oC - the drum will keep rotating but the heater and fan will turn off while the control panel beeps at you. Again you have 20 seconds to push any button (other than eject) or the roast will eject
  3. Once the drum temperature reaches 220oC the roast will eject. There is no override for this safety point

Completing A Roast

Once the roast is ready you can press the Eject button. The roasted beans will be ejected to the external cooling tray and cooled to ambient temperature within a few minutes. Once this has happened you must empty the chaff tray before commencing another roast, and will have the option to save the roast profile you created to a memory location. has a wealth of information about Hottop roasters which we don't intend to replicate here, including more detailed model information, troubleshooting, repair procedures and more. We'd encourage you to visit their site if you wish to gain more detailed information about Hottop roasters.

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Model KN-8828B-2

Warranty / Repairs

A 12 month warranty applies on all Hottop roasters with the following conditions:

  • If you report a fault with your roaster to your retailer within 28 days of the date of shipment, the retailer will cover the cost of its return to us for inspection and the cost of freight back to you. If the unit is not faulty we reserve the right to request payment for the return postage prior to returning your roaster to you which they may pass on to you.
  • If you report a fault with your roaster to your retailer after 28 days of the date of shipment but within the warranty period, you are required to pay to ship the roaster back to us where we will inspect it, then we will pay to ship the roaster back to you.
  • If you report a fault with your roaster to your retailer outside the warranty period, you or the retailer need to pay shipping both ways.
  • Any components that we determine have failed in the course of normal use within the warranty period will be replaced at no parts or labour cost to you.

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Freshly roasted beans - unbeatable
By Eve in QLD , 13 days ago
Love our Hottop roaster. It is not cheap, but it is so easy to operate. We used to roast home grown beans in the oven - very unreliable method. Now we have freshly roasted coffee everyday (bought green beans more often than homegrown!). Better use of $1800 than a coffee making device, in my opinion.