Hario V60 Clear Plastic Dripper

Hario V60 Clear Plastic Dripper
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This 1-cup V60 is clear plastic, beautiful to look at, but more importantly a great tool for making coffee. Made of lightweight plastic, this dripper guarantees great coffee on the go, brewing extraordinary coffee right into your cup.

Includes a measuring scoop.

Designed for manual, pour-over brewing, it allows you to choose your ideal brewing time and temperature. The innovative design of the V60 brewer - from the swirling ridges, to the large open hole at the base - allows for great full cone brewing, and with a little practice great, even extractions of any coffee can be achieved.

Manual brewing method allows you to choose your ideal brew time and temperature, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee. Coffee flows through the cone directly into your cup or coffee pot. To ensure optimal extraction, the brewing cone features a precisely angled design and spiral-ribbed sidewalls. A large hole at the bottom of the cone allows coffee to flow freely, so you can customize flavour and strength with the speed at which you pour the hot water (quickly for lighter coffee or slowly for a darker brew). This sturdy, lightweight pour-over coffeemaker is perfect for travel.

Want the perfect brew? 
Di Bella Coffee is dedicated to deliver exceptional specialty coffee blends and single origins. We want you to get the most out of your coffee brewing methods so we devised a Brewing and Troubleshooting guide.

Alternative Brewing guide

Find your preferred brewing method from the list and let us guide you through the steps to creating delicious specialty coffee using alternative brewing methods!

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Best coffee, top service
By Josh in QLD. Australia , one year ago
I got a pod machine for Fathers day. When opened the box a few pods were broken, and was missing some items. The lovely lady on the phone replaced my broken pods with more that were broken. The machine makes a lovely coffee. Ari is a nice blend. Would like to see other blends introduced into the range.