Flavours of Origin Coffee Hamper

Experience the Flavours of Origin with our monthly selection
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Experience the distinct flavours of each coffee growing region from where we source our coffee.

The aim of our coffee roasters is to introduce you to outstanding growers and more distinct expressions of specialty coffee throughout the year.

Each month we will present an espresso and filter roast coffee that will cater for different brewing methods. 

Now they are conveniently packaged for you to sample them both!

The Flavours of Origin hamper pack contains either 250g, 500g or 1kg bags of the 2 available single origins. By selecting the weight and grind this means you will receive each coffee in that weight and grind selected.

September showcase coffees

Rwanda Buliza

Espresso Roast

Tasting Notes: Clean with acidity of grape and peach, aromatics of black currant, plum-like sweetness and medium weight. This coffee is creamy and complex and has flavours of nectarine, lime, black currant, black cherry, raspberry, black tea, grape and vanilla.


Ethiopia Guji Red

Filter Roast

Tasting Notes: Red floral, rose-like aromatics, orange acidity & juicy mouthfeel. Medium to full weight with toffee-like sweetness. Flavours of rose, raspberry cordial, strawberry, cherry, mandarin, stewed fruit, rosehip, dark berry, peach and orange with a lingering, sweet finish.

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