Cafetto Restore Espresso Machine Descaler

Single sachet of Cafetto Restore Espresso Machine Descaler
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Cafetto restore Descaler Single Sachet is a safe and highly effective descaler for removing hard water scale from espresso machine boilers, coffee and milk delivery lines to help you keep your espresso machine in perfect shape. BFA registered this product complies with the requirements of the Australian Organic Standard.  

Directions for use:

1. Add contents of sachet to 1 litre of warm water, dissolve, and then pour into water tank.
2. Remove filter holder and turn machine on.
3. Place cup under brew spout and run out about 1 cup of the descaling solution. Run about ¼ cup out through the steam arm. (For superautomatic machines run all the solution through the steam wand and set on hot water not the steam setting).
4. Allow to stand for 15 minutes, and then repeat the process. Repeat the entire process until all the solution is used up.
5. Rinse thoroughly by flushing one tank of clean fresh water through the system exiting through the brew head and the steam wand.

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