Cafetto Espresso Clean at Home

Safely and effectively clean your domestic machine
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Cafetto Espresso Clan @Home is designed to safely and effectively clean and descale domestic espresso machines. It’s concentrated formula provides 6 doses in every 250ml bottle.

Recommended for use with Aldi K-fee, Breville, De Longhi, Saeco, Sunbeam and Thermoblock espresso machines.

Directions to clean machine and coffee filters:

1. Empty the machine water reservoir. Mix 40ml (1 capful) of Espresso Clean @home with 1 litre of cold water in a jug. Then pour the solution into the water tank.
2. Turn machine on, fit the machine handle and filter without coffee and begin brew cycle. Run ¾ cup solution through coffee into a cup and discard, then run about ¼ cup through steam wand and discard. Allow to stand for 10-15 minutes. Repeat process 3 more times.
3. Discard the remaining solution from water reservoir, rinse and refill with fresh water. Run solution out through the coffee filter and steam wand as before alternating between the two outlets. Run rinse process for 4 cycles to ensure all residues of the cleaner are removed.
4. Brew a cup of coffee and discard to re-season the coffee machine

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