Brewista Smart Scale 2

Providing ultimate control of the weight and time of your espresso or pour over coffee brewing.
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The Brewista Smart Scale II has been developed with the barista in mind, featuring 6 easy to use modes. It is perfect for both espresso and pour over brewing methods.

Accurate to within 0.1 grams, the Smart Scale features a timer, which can be activated manually or automatically as soon as liquid hits the vessel for the ultimate precision brewing. With a water-resistant nano-coating you can rinse straight under a tap!

A large screen display shows measurements up to 200g alongside a timer.

The 6 modes include:

Mode 1: Fully manual mode - User tares & starts timer manually.
Mode 2: Espresso mode - Auto-tare and auto-timer with immediate timer start.
Mode 3: Espresso mode - Auto-tare with manual-timer start.
Mode 4: Espresso mode - Auto-tare only, timer is not active.
Mode 5: Espresso mode - Auto-tare and auto-timer with timer starting when liquid hits cup.
Mode 6: Pour Over mode - Manual tare and timer functions.

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Measures In: Grams
Capacity: 2,000g
Detection: 0.1g

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