Breville Dynamic Duo Espresso Machine and Grinder

The complete machine package for your home or workplace

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The Breville Dynamic Duo Espresso Machine and Grinder is the complete starter package. Including both machine and grinder you are ready to start extracting barista quality coffee at home or in the workplace from the beginning. With outstanding personalisation features you can set this up to your preference so you are in complete control of the end result, meaning the perfect coffee every time.

This machine comes with a free 500g Coffee Enthusiast Pack + our Crop to Cup training manual. So you will be creating the perfect cup of coffee in no time.


- Low pressure pre infusion greatly expands the grinds before extraction to help prevent 'channelling' through the coffee puck
- Electronic PID (proportional–integral–derivative)
- Temperature control maintains the extraction temperature to within +/- 1° of the selected temperature to maximise the espresso flavour
- Dedicated stainless steel dual boilers for simultaneous extraction and milk texturing
- Dual 15 bar Italian made pumps
- Programmable extraction temperature
- Programmable steam boiler pressure
- Integrated and removable 58mm tamper
- Actively heated 58mm commercial group head


- Set Dose in 0.2 second increments
- Smart Grinder Pro technology to routinely adjust the dose whenever you change the grind
- High precision burr calibration for more consistent grinding
- Dose pause function
- Programmable shot/cup volumes
- Large capacity 450g bean hopper with air-tight lid and locking system
- Backlit LCD screen
- Separate ground coffee container for storage
- Conical burr cleaning brush

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- Brand: Breville
- Power: 2200 watts
- Water Tank: 2.5 litres

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