Brazil Camocim Red Lapar Natural 375g

Fazenda Camocim, run by Henrique Sloper Araujo, produced the 2017 Brazilian Cup of Excellence coffee and is famous for its biodynamic farming practices and emphasis on sustainable farming. This naturally processed coffee features exquisite body & depth.


Region: Pedra Azul, Estado de Espírito Santo

Crop: 2017

Process: Natural (raised beds)

Varietal: Iapar 59

Roasted for: Espresso

Altitude (m.a.s.l): 1,075

Body: 5/5

Acidity: 3/5

Aroma: Caramel, plum and roasted nuts.

Flavour:  Nutty and sweet

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Brazil Camocim Red Lapar Natural 375g
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