Brazil Camocim Honey

Fazenda Camocim is located near the landmark Pedra Azul (Blue Mountain). The coffee here grows in the shade of exotic Eucalyptus and Jacaranda trees. A twin coffee to our espresso roast, this Bourbon microlot underwent honey processing to develop its unique flavour.

Brazil: Camocim Estate

Region: Pedra Azul, Estado de Espírito Santo

Crop: 2017

Process: Honey

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Roasted for: Filter

Altitude: 1075 m.a.s.l

Body: Full

Acidity: Medium

Aroma: Delicate, sweet floral aroma. Notes of sweet caramel.

Flavour: Very sweet with notes of light honey. Notes of jasmine, sage blossom and a malty sweetness.

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