Ava Capsules 60 Pack

The Ava Blend is sure to awaken your palate, with flavours of hazelnut, treacle and natural honey. This coffee has been designed to offer a sweet flavour, with a medium body and a smooth, well balanced finish. 

We wanted to develop a coffee capsule that not only tastes great but also used coffee that has been sourced 100% direct from the farmer. The result is a specialty coffee capsule that has been designed with a 10-15 second extraction time in mind so that full bodied flavours can be achieved through a smaller dose of coffee.

*Suits all Nespresso ® compatible machines.


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Ava Capsules 60 Pack
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By Helen in Queensland , 3 years ago
I love Di Bella coffee - and when I realised the pods fit into my coffee machine I was in heaven ! Much cheaper than the pods from the maker of my machine. Unfortunately I now live quite a distance from where I got my pods from so I will have to go online. Thanks Di Bella
I missed my Di Bella
By I miss Di Bella in Canada , 3 years ago
These are my treat! Living in Canada I miss my regular Di Bella and on a recent trip home stocked up for on a few weeks supply.
Awesome flavour and aroma
By Sam V in Western Australia , 3 years ago
I love these pods. I work FIFO in remote WA. We only had instant coffee for a long time. A coffee from these capsules makes my day!
Fantastic taste and value!
By Heather Smith in Queensland , 3 years ago
I purchased these from my local Di Bella cafe. They make a fantastic coffee, I drink long blacks so I can really taste the flavour!