Ari, Ava and Aqua Capsule Bundle

This is the Ultimate Capsule Bundle!
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This bundle product contains all three of Di Bella Coffee's special capsule blends, the perfect solution for those who can’t decide or simply love variety!

The Ari Blend is rich and strong with hints of raw cocoa and a bright citrus finish. This blend has been designed for latte lovers, or it can be enjoyed as a strong espresso. The accompanying Ava Blend is sure to awaken your palate, with flavours of hazelnut, treacle and natural honey.

The Aqua Decaf capsule has been formulated through the innovative Swiss Water Process. This involves a gentle and chemical-free process of removing the caffeine from unroasted coffee by soaking the beans in hot water. Click Here to learn more.

- 1x carton of Ari Blend (60 capsules)
- 1x carton of Ava Blend (60 capsules)
- 1x carton of Aqua Decaf (60 capsules)

Bundle your favourite specialty capsules today!

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Superb quality capsules
By James Lansbury in Qld , 8 months ago
I have enjoyed several Di Bella capsule bundles to date. Quality is fantastic, so much so that I have trouble getting caffeine satisfaction out and about. Oh what a problem!! Save dollars for exceptional product!!