Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale

Helping you master the art of coffee brewing
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The only coffee scale you’ll ever need to master the art of brewing delicious coffee! The only scale that monitors weight, time and flow-rates as you brew coffee the Acaia Pearl is simple, modern and designed with brilliant functionality in mind.

Compatible with the Acaia iPhone and Android app it offers you endless possibilities to explore the world of coffee brewing.

- Compatible with Acaia iPhone and Android app
- 20ms response time provides instant readings
- Highly accurate internal resolution – sensitive to weight changes even from evaporation
- Creeping compensation technology to provide industrial grade stability
- Built in stopwatch to track blooming, pouring and infusion time
- Auto-off customisation
- USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery – a greener alternative power source
- 20 to 30 hour battery life
- Touch sensitive buttons
- Bluetooth connectivity 4.0

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- Brand: Acaia
- Weight: 462g
- Dimensions (cm. WxDxH): 16 x 16 x 3
- Max Capacity: 2kg

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