2017 Reserve Blend

Ripe blood orange flavours coupled with a sustained chocolate aftertaste
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This limited edition blend is a well-balanced combination of single origin coffee hand-selected from premier growing regions in Kenya, Honduras & Colombia.

Inviting aromatic notes of cocoa and boysenberry are the perfect prelude to ripe blood orange fl­avours, coupled with a long and sustained chocolate aftertaste.

The experience is beautifully concluded by a clean and buttery finish. Perfect for the milk coffee enthusiast or lovely on its own.

Brewing methods
This blend is perfect for a range of brewing methods, review our selection of Coffee MachinesStovetopsPlungers and the Aeropress coffee maker.

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Amazing Jammy, Juicy Coffee Hit
By MattyM in Melb, Victoria , 2 months ago
I normally get Felice blend and added 250 gram of the 2017 reserve to my last order. WOWZA!! This had to have produced one of the most scrumptious cup of coffee (latte) I’ve had EVER. beautiful chocolate syrupy notes with some fruit flavour that had me coming back for and left that wonderful mouthfeel that and long mellow aftertaste. Just unbelievably good coffee. I’m on withdrawals as my new 1kg order is on its way!!