Single Origin Coffee

Showcasing different single origin coffees from around the globe allows our customers to experience premium quality coffee from the top coffee growing regions in the world. Thanks to our coffee buying program and partnerships, we are able to rotate a unique range of single origin coffees each month. Our single origin coffee is coffee grown in a specific geographic origin or a specific farm. With a single origin coffee you know exactly where the coffee was grown and can learn more about the people growing the coffee.

All single origin coffees display a unique flavour and are the preferred choice of coffee lovers looking for a distinct profile, to match a particular brewing technique or to achieve a specific taste. Often our single origin coffees include micro-lots. These are coffees of exceptional quality and are desired by raw coffee buying specialists. Micro-lot sections are treated with special care and are harvested and processed separately from the remainder of the crop. Our single origins are also available as raw coffee beans.

Our single origin coffees are sourced from well-known coffee regions in the Americas, Africa and Asia. Every coffee displays its unique Flavour Of Origin.