Coffee Machines

Di Bella Coffee is pleased to announce that we have a new range of coffee machines and grinders suitable for use in the home or office.

Isomac is an Italian manufacturer of great tradition and expertise. They have been designing and producing high quality machines dedicated to espresso coffee lovers since 1977.

We love Isomac because, unlike its contemporaries, the entire range uses commercial grade parts, including high quality stainless steel, brass & copper. This delivers great performance on extraction and thermal stability, an absolute must for ‘next-level’ home coffee making. We also know and trust the brand, having worked with them for over 10 years here at Di Bella Coffee.

Read our blog post where we explore each machine and grinder in greater detail.

If you are not sure about what coffee machine is best for you, call customer care or try a machine at our Roasting Warehouse in Bowen Hills.