Our Story


What began as a small coffee roasting operation in the suburbs of Brisbane in 2002 has emerged as a revolutionary, customer focused business which became synonymous with opportunity and innovation.

Guided by a clear vision to deliver the Ultimate Coffee Experience, Di Bella Coffee has rapidly become Australia’s largest specialty coffee roaster, earning the respect and appreciation of coffee lovers across the country.

Our Roasting Warehouse in Brisbane not only offers freshly roasted coffee, but has become a hub for coffee lovers to learn more about coffee and the coffee industry. Our Brisbane customers also have the convenience of the Di Bella Coffee Drive Thru Cafe - the first of its kind to provide a convenient in-car café experience.

Coffee around the world

Our reputation as a company built on a genuine appreciation for our customers and a passion for coffee has now started to open doors for us across the globe. In 2010, we made the leap into the booming Asian coffee market, establishing headquarters in Shanghai, China. A year later we launched retail operations in India, and in 2013 we established a wholesale presence in New Zealand.

At Di Bella Coffee we believe our opportunities for expansion are endless. As such, we will continue to look for ways to share that experience with new customers across the globe.

The raw coffee team

Our Crop to Cup program is dedicated to the ongoing, ethical sourcing of specialty grade coffee beans. We travel to coffee growing communities around the world to work alongside farmers and communities who share our goals of sustainability, ongoing development and quality assurance.

Di Bella Coffee is proud to be collaborating with and working alongside the from the farmers that produce our award winning coffees. We do this because we know that great coffee is only sustainable if we support the farming communities who support us.

About Di Bella Coffee

Bean graphic plant

At the heart of our customer service commitment is the "it's not just a bag of beans" philosophy; Featuring a tailored network of services to support our customers' needs, from Crop to Cup we offer quality service and products for the Specialty Coffee market.