Coffee Education Videos

Di Bella Coffee offers training and support for all things coffee. We have a dedicated YouTube channel that you can access here that is regularly updated. We also stock educational books and all necessary coffee making tools in our online store to help you create the elusive "perfect cup".

Bean around the world

Like all worldly delights, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to a cup of coffee. Find out where your luscious liquid starts its humble journey... from Crop to Cup, we provide a front row seat to the process of growing and sourcing coffee in the video below. 

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Crop to Cup

There is much debate and opinion on the topic of Fair-trade and ethical sourcing of raw coffee. At Di Bella coffee, through our Crop to Cup program we develop relationships with coffee producers and provide security and sustainable business for coffee growing communities.

Read more on how we source coffee here.

Tamping and setting 

Tamping requires downward pressure applied in an even and level action. There are tricks and tips to ensure you remain consistent in your approach. The below video shows both methods of using a hand tamper and a grinder attachment. 

Our Barista Tools are the must-have items for all aspiring barista and home coffee makers.

Extract that grind 

The grind you use when extracting coffee has a huge impact on the profile and taste you will achieve in the cup. The video below shows what to look for when setting your grind for an espresso machine. "Reading" your extraction is also imperative in achieving the desired extraction time and flavours.

Di Bella Coffee has a collection of coffee machines and coffee grinders to choose from.

What's your method?

There are a huge variety of brewing methods available to suit each taste and preference. From syphons, drip filters, chemex and stovetops to the aeropress, the below video will show you how to get the most out of your method. The dose and technique vary between each method; our Alternative Brewing and Troubleshooting Guide offers detailed instructions on how to make delicious coffee with each method. The complete Crop to Cup manual is available through our online store here.

We stock all alternative brewing apparatus listed below.

All things milk

See below some educational videos on steaming, texturing and pouring your favourite type of coffee. From the foamiest cappuccino's to the "flattest" whites, impressing your friends and mastering your craft; we can help you perfect the art of pouring... Click the videos below!

Keep'n it clean

The cleaning and maintenance of your coffee making equipment shouldn't be an afterthought. The high-cost items we rely on each day for our blissful beverage need to be regularly cleaned, descaled and cared for. The taste from a machine that hasn't been regularly maintained will carry through into the flavour of the coffee. Find out how to give your machine the TLC it needs in the below video!

Roast your own coffee at home

Roasting your own coffee creates a brand new world of sensory excitement and opportunity to explore your coffee passion. The video below explains the use of a Hottop Coffee roaster. Start your journey to roasting coffee at home now.

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