Brewing and Troubleshooting - Stovetop Coffee Maker

The stovetop coffee maker is a much-loved brewing method that produces a great result in the cup. Designed in Italy, the stovetop is synonymous with strong, bold coffee flavours and rich espressos. The ingenious design uses steam and pressure to extract the coffee into the top compartment, convenient for pouring the finished product. The iconic stovetop coffee maker is also one of the most popular.

Find below a complete guide on how to brew the ideal Stovetop coffee; we have also included a coffee troubleshooting section to assist you in diagnosing the potential cause of an undesired result in the cup.

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Stovetop 'How to':

GRIND: Medium-coarse
DOSE: Always fill the water and coffee to the same point, regardless of how much coffee you want to make. Fill the basket with ground coffee but DO NOT TAMP. Wipe any excess coffee grinds from the edge to avoid interference.


  1. Fill the lower compartment with cold water to just below the relief valve.
  2. Fill the basket with ground coffee as per above dosing guide.
  3. Assemble the Stovetop and place over a medium heat, ensuring the handle is away from direct heat.
  4. Once the water has heated and pressure builds, coffee will begin flowing into the top compartment.
  5. This should talk no longer than 4 minutes.
  6. When the consistency of coffee turns from syrupy to thin, or begins to bubble, remove the stovetop from the heat
  7. Pour into cups and serve immediately.


 KEY ELEMENTS: Brew time = 4 mins , water temperature 97-99°


TASTES: Rich, medium-bodied
LOOKS: Lush, deep reddish-brown crema

  • Grind ideal; (consistency of table salt)
  • 4 minute steep
  • Recommended dose/cup;
  • Water 97-99°

Problem Scenario 1

TASTES: Bitter, gritty-bodied
LOOKS: Dark, bubbly crema

  • Grind too fine;
  • Longer than a 4 minute steep;
  • More coffee than recommended dose/cup;
  • Water hotter than 99°

Problem Scenario 2

TASTES: Sour, thin-bodied
LOOKS: Diluted, brown reflections

  • Grind is too coarse;
  • Shorter than a 4 minute steep;
  • Less coffee than recommended dose/cup
  • Water colder than 97°