Brewing and Troubleshooting - Coffee Plunger

The coffee plunger (commonly referred to as the "French-press") is an inventive and inspired design for a home brewing apparatus.

The speed and ease with which this humble machine can produce an outstanding cup of coffee has seen its use continue to grow and has become a staple of most home coffee lovers.
The coffee plunger uses a "steeping" method (as opposed to filtration or extracting with pressure) and this results in a delicate and complex flavour profile.

Find below a complete guide on how to brew the ideal plunger coffee; we have also included a coffee troubleshooting section to assist in diagnosing the potential cause of an undesired result in the cup.

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Plunger how to:

GRIND: Coarse 
DOSE: Two heaped tablespoons per cup, plus one heaped tablespoon for the pot.


  1. Prime the plunger by rinsing with hot water.
  2. Scoop the coffee into the plunger then fill with hot water just below boiling point (90-94°) -- you should allow one cup of water for each serve of coffee.
  3. Pour the water close to the coffee so that it stirs up and saturates the coffee grind, forming a crust.
  4. Let the coffee crust steep for around 4 minutes (less for a weaker brew, more for a stronger brew), to allow the coffee oils to dissolve.
  5. Stir the crust to form a crema on the coffee.
  6. Gently but firmly press/plunge the filter down. If the filter is difficult to press down you may have used either too much coffee or too fine a grind.

KEY ELEMENTS: Plunge time = 8-12 seconds, water temperature = 90-94°


TASTES: Rich, medium-bodied
LOOKS: Lush, deep reddish-brown crema

  • Grind ideal; (consistency of white sugar granules)
  • 3 minute steep;
  • 15kg Plunge pressure;
  • Plunge 8-12 seconds;
  • Recommended dose/cup;
  • Water 90-94°

Problem Scenario 1

TASTES: Bitter, gritty-bodied
LOOKS: Dark bubbly crema

  • Grind too fine;
  • Longer than a 3 minute steep;
  • More than 15kg plunge pressure;
  • longer than a 12 second plunge;
  • More coffee than recommended dose/cup;
  • Water hotter than 94°

Problem Scenario 2

TASTES: Sour, thin-bodied
LOOKS: Pale, patchy and thin crema

  • Grind is too coarse;
  • Shorter than a 3 minute steep;
  • Less than 15kg plunge pressure;
  • Shorter than an 8 Second plunge;
  • Less coffee than recommended dose/cup
  • Water colder than 90°