Drip Filter

Brewing and Troubleshooting - Drip Filter Coffee Maker

Drip filter coffee makers, are a method of making coffee that uses hot water and gravity, poured through a filter to create a delicate and balanced coffee.

Great for single origins coffee as you get to explore the characteristics of each coffee growing region in the cup.

Find below a complete guide on how to brew the ideal Drip Filter coffee; we have also included a coffee troubleshooting section to assist in diagnosing the potential cause of an undesired result in the cup.

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Drip Filter 'how to':

GRIND: Medium-coarse
DOSE: One heaped tablespoon per serve.

FILTERS: If using a gold foil filter ensure it has been cleaned and rinsed of any soap residue; ensure paper filters are of suitable quality and won’t impart any flavours into the coffee.


  1. Manual Drip Filter: Heat water to just below boiling point.
  2. Pour a small amount of water to soak and steep the coffee,
  3. Wait 30 seconds for your coffee to for a 'bloom'
  4. Slowly pour the rest of the water onto the wet coffee grinds (one cup of water per serve of coffee).
  1. Automatic Drip Filter: Add cold water to the machine to suit the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. The drip process is then automatic.
  3. Your coffee will be brewed when the water stops dripping through the filter.

KEY ELEMENTS: Bloom time = 30-60 seconds, water temperature 90-94°


TASTES: Bright, light-bodied
LOOKS: Reddish-brown, honey-like reflection

  • Grind ideal; (consistency of table salt)
  • 30-60 second bloom;
  • Recommended dose/cup;
  • Water 90-94°

Problem Scenario 1

TASTES: Bitter, gritty-bodied
LOOKS: Dark brown reflections

  • Grind too fine;
  • Longer than a 60 second Bloom;
  • More coffee than recommended dose/cup;
  • Water hotter than 94°

Problem Scenario 2

TASTES : Sour, thin-bodied
LOOKS: Diluted, brown reflection

  • Grind is too coarse;
  • Shorter than a 30 second bloom;
  • Less coffee than recommended dose/cup
  • Water colder than 90°