Cold Drip

Brewing and Troubleshooting - Cold Drip Coffee Maker

The Cold Drip coffee system involves steeping coarse coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period of time. The result is a concentrated, sweet and low acidity coffee drink that is perfect for an ice coffee with milk, diluted with hot water or on its own as a chilled espresso.

The long and slow extraction time produces a full flavour coffee concentrate that captivates the coffee drinker and highlights different aspects of the coffee profile.

Find below a complete guide on how to brew the ideal Cold Drip coffee; we have also included a coffee troubleshooting section to assist in diagnosing the potential cause of an undesired result in the cup.

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Cold Drip 'how to':

GRIND: Coarse

DOSE: 125g ground coffee (12 parts water :1 part coffee)


  1. Place the ground coffee in the second compartment of the tower, smoothing out a flat surface but without compacting the coffee.
  2. Place a paper filter on the surface of the grounds to help disperse the dripping water throughout the coffee evenly.
  3. Place the iced water in the top compartment
  4. Adjust the valve to achieve a drip rate of one drip every 2 seconds.
  5. It will take approximately 8-12 hours for the water to drip through the coffee.
  6. Adjust the ratio to suit your taste.

Drip time = 8-12 hours, water temperature 5-15°.

TASTES: Bright, light-bodied
LOOKS: Reddish-brown, honey-like reflection

  • Grind ideal; (consistency of white sugar granules)
  • 8-12 hours brew time;
  • Recommended dose/cup;
  • Water 5-15°

Problem Scenario 1

TASTES: Bitter, gritty-bodied
LOOKS: Dark brown reflections

  • Grind too fine;
  • Longer than a 12 hour brew time;
  • More coffee than recommended dose/cup;
  • Water hotter than 15°

Problem Scenario 2

TASTES: Sour, thin-bodied
LOOKS: Diluted, brown reflection

  • Grind is too coarse;
  • Shorter than an 8 hour brew time;
  • Less coffee than recommended dose/cup
  • Water colder than 5°