Flavours Of Origin

Coffee growing regions around the world are renowned for producing distinct flavours in their beans that represent the origin. Use the Di Bella Coffee Flavours of Origin map as a guide to help you identify where each coffee flavour originates. 

The flavours are an excellent starting point for blending and roasting your own raw coffee beans and starting your own personal coffee tour around the world. Alternatively use the map to discover distinct flavours in your favourite coffees and blends.

Flavours of origin 

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We encourage you to taste, experiment and share your notes with friends and coffee lovers. 

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Overview: Flavours of Origin

Mexico: Choc Aroma, Dark

Guatemala: Bright, Citric, Lemon

El Salvador: Sweet Caramel

Nicaragua: Cocoa, Sweet Cocoa

Costa Rica: Fruits, Full Bodied

Peru: Nuts, Caramel

Cuba: Smokey Tobacco

Honduras: Brown Sugars, Juicy

Panama: Floral, Jasmine

Colombia: Spicy Acidity, Clean

Uganda: Tropical Fruits, Roasted Malt

Yemen: Fruit, Candy

Ethiopia:Lemon Grass

Kenya: Wine, Fruit, Nuts

Rwanda: Sweet Orange, Vanilla

Tanzania: Sweet Berries

Zambia: Orange, Pear

India: Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut

Indonesia: Earthy, Wood Bark

Brazil Natural: Dewy Grass, Clean