Workplace Coffee Solutions

The Ultimate Coffee Experience at Work

Specialty grade coffee | Wholesale prices | Free delivery to your workplace

Every workplace needs a source of high quality coffee, not just for staff but for customers and clients too.

Di Bella Coffee is proud to offer tailored, specialty grade coffee solutions for Australian businesses. No matter your company size or how many staff you have, Di Bella Coffee can supply you with all your specialty coffee needs at competitive prices.

We have a range of coffee products and equipment available which are perfect for use in boardrooms, reception areas and break rooms.  

  • ✔    Freshly roasted coffee, available as whole or ground beans
  • ✔    All-in-one capsule machines and specialty quality coffee capsules
  • ✔    Italian designed and produced espresso machines
  • ✔    Quality loose leaf teas and tea bags
  • ✔    Flavoured syrups, chai and chocolate powders
  • ✔    Sweeteners and biscuits
  • ✔    Automated recurring orders
  • ✔    Installation, training and maintenance support

Our workplace coffee category is the ideal starting point for specialty coffee in your workplace. We offer solutions for all types of businesses, large or small, and we have packages available with capsule or espresso machines. Contact us to find out how you can have delicious coffee in your workplace.

Workplace Coffee 

Alternatively, make an enquiry with our Customer Service Team by emailing or call us on 1800 332 163 to discuss the appropriate package for your business.