The Sugar Hill Cafe

Di Bella Coffee is enjoyed in cafés and restaurants all over Australia. We make every one of our wholesale customers a promise – we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality roasted coffee as well as exceptional customer service by adding as much value as we can to their business.

But don’t just take our word on it…for this case study we had a 5 minute chat with Ryan, owner of The Sugar Hill café in Lidcombe NSW about why he chooses to partner with Di Bella Coffee. 

Sugar Hill Cafe

How long have you been serving Di Bella coffee?

The Sugar Hill café has proudly been serving Di Bella Coffee for 2 years, we haven’t looked back since.

Why did you choose to partner with Di Bella Coffee?

When I bought this café from the previous owner, they were already serving Di Bella Coffee. The customers loved the taste and the previous owner (a friend of mine) said the service was great. I thought there was no need to change coffee suppliers
Sugar Hill cafe

How important to you is the standard and quality of the coffee you serve?

The coffee that we serve to my loyal customers must always be 9/10 if not 10/10. We have a strong customer base that are loyal and expect a certain standard when they buy our coffee. I can’t ever disappoint them. Continuous training and new equipment helps me keep the standard of the coffee at 10/10.

What blend/s do you serve?

We serve the Ali blend in plain black packaging. We have our own brand and design for the packaging that I want people in the local area to recognise and love.

How does your business benefit from partnering with Di Bella Coffee?

My local demographic and customer base love the dark styled coffee roast; this means the coffee sales are high which means more money in my pocket at the end of the week.

What are the most important support services your business receives from Di Bella Coffee?

Definitely the support I receive from my Account Manager when it comes to running promotions which help boost my sales, free coffee days, marketing campaigns and any ideas he has to help push my business in the right direction.
The Sugar Hill

Tell us a little bit about your café. What are your customers like? What is your location like?

We are in a shopping centre that is still growing, new shops and renovations are helping us get new waves of customers coming through the doors.

We are lucky we don’t have a lot of competition around us and we are the first café you see when you enter the shopping centre.

Sugar Hills is a trendy, up beat café and we really want to promote our unique Sugar Hill brand. We have old, young and people from all sort of backgrounds trying our food and coffee so we need to keep our menu and desert fridge open with lots of options for everyone.

It’s a café and brand that I am very proud of, I love the fact Di Bella Coffee has helped us get to where we are.

The Sugar Hill café can be found at 92 Parramatta Rd Lidcombe, NSW and is open from 0730 to 1800 every day. Click Here to follow them on Instagram.

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