Loveon Cafe


Location: Mile End, SA

How long have you been serving Di Bella Coffee?
We have been serving Di Bella Coffee since 2014.

Why did you choose to partner with Di Bella Coffee?
We always feel like Di Bella has such high standards in SA. We also like the Crop to Cup system which is very important to us. Di Bella always provides a fresh, consistent product with a high reputation for quality and great service.
Loveon Cafe 2

How does your business benefit from partnering with Di Bella Coffee?

Especially when we first opened, many customers came because they were familiar with Di Bella, and they were after a high quality product. With constantly new methods of brewing, equipment and techniques, we are always learning new ways to get a perfect extraction from our Di Bella beans, and we always have the support of Di Bella Coffee staff.

How important to you is the standard and quality of the coffee you serve?

It is very important that we serve a consistent and quality product as coffee is our core business.
Loveon Cafe 3

Tell us a little bit about your café. What are your customers like? What is your location like?

We are in the back streets of Mile End so repeat business is everything. Our customers are young and always looking for great coffee that looks and tastes amazing.