Ground on Kembla

Ground on Kemblar Feature
Vlasta Pupovac

How long have you been serving Di Bella Coffee?

We have been serving Di Bella Coffee since 2014.

Why did you choose to partner with Di Bella Coffee?

I loved the taste of the coffee from the first try. I was searching for a coffee supplier and came across Di Bella Coffee in Surry Hills whilst shopping for cafe furniture.

How does your business benefit from partnering with Di Bella Coffee?
Hadi Ashnaei was very helpful with the setup of the café. He came to Wollongong whilst the cafe was still being fitted out and discussed with me aspects of the setup, including where the coffee machine should go, what grinder would be best suited and so much more. Hadi was there on the first day we opened day to make sure that everything ran as smoothly as possible.
Ground on Kembla

What are the most important support services your business receives from Di Bella Coffee?
We receive great support especially from Mat, our Account Manager. He has been fantastic. I feel very comfortable in calling Mat with any questions or concerns that may arise.

He is very supportive and knowledgeable about the grinder, coffee machine and of course all aspects of coffee making. We have chatted about what offers will work best for our cafe in regards to our location and customer base. He also has great marketing ideas, which we have used to attract more customers into the cafe.

Di Bella Coffee regularly makes sure that our machine is serviced at the appropriate times in order to avoid break downs and to keep the equipment in top condition.

How important to you is the standard and quality of the coffee you serve?
The standard of coffee we serve is of course the utmost concern to us. We are constantly striving to train our staff in serving the best possible cup of coffee.

With the help of Hadi and Mat, we are able to do this as they regularly come in to see us at the cafe, sit down and have a chat about anything that may be of concern, be it the coffee, grinder, new trends or staffing issues. We are able to chat about the extraction time, batch dates on coffee and how long certain blends can stay.

I’m glad we are able to come together and chat about new brewing methods, what’s new in the coffee industry, food ideas and also what could be done to keep the high standard and of course what can be done to better it.

We have in the past talked about the future of the café, where we want the cafe to go and what plans could be implemented to allow the cafe to grow.
Ground on Kembla

How important is the Crop to Cup philosophy to you? Do you feel your customers appreciate knowing that their coffee has been ethically sourced?
The Crop to Cup philosophy is very important to me. It’s great to see that Di Bella Coffee supports the farmers themselves and the communities where the coffee comes from through Crop to Cup.

Tell us a little bit about your café. What are your customers like? What is your location like?

Our cafe is situated in Wollongong. We are a street away from the main part of town. We do have some walk by traffic but rely heavily on the small businesses surrounding the café.

The customers we serve really value getting a great cup of coffee with fantastic service. Like any business owner we try to please the customer as much as we can, so if they want a great cup of coffee, that’s exactly what we give them — Di Bella Coffee’s “Nero” blend.
Ground on Kembla 3
We have grown so much since we’ve opened; from our end we’ve been fortunate to employ great staff. We’ve also had the ongoing support from Di Bella Coffee in that time. I have to mention the lovely ladies that call us every Monday to make sure that we have our coffee order in, and of course the dispatch staff who make sure it arrives every week.

We have seen our coffee order grow a lot more than we expected. Of course it has taken a lot of work on our behalf but without having the support of such a wonderful team and great company like Di Bella, we would not have seen the success that we have now.

Ground is located at 45-53 Kembla St, Wollongong, NSW and is open weekdays from 6.30am-5pm and Saturdays 7.30am-2pm. For more information click here.

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