Chinta Cafe

Di Bella Coffee is enjoyed in cafés and restaurants all over Australia. We make every one of our wholesale customers a promise – we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality roasted coffee as well as exceptional customer service by adding as much value as we can to their business.

But don’t just take our word on it… for this case study we had a quick chat with Robyn Smith, owner of Chinta Cafe in North Perth, about why she chooses to partner with Di Bella Coffee.
Chinta Cafe

How long have you been serving Di Bella coffee?

We have been serving Di Bella Coffee in our café for just over 2 years.

Why did you choose to partner with Di Bella Coffee?

We were unhappy with our previous supplier and were introduced to Di Bella Coffee by another café owner who was also using your beans. We needed a quality supplier with consistent coffee throughout the year and Di Bella came highly recommended.

How important to you is the standard and quality of the coffee you serve?

Absolutely imperative. Our coffee has to be as incredible as our food.
Chinta Cafe 2

What blend do you serve?

We serve the Felici blend because it’s smooth, consistent and chocolatey.

How important is the Crop to Cup philosophy to you? Do you feel your customers appreciate knowing that their coffee has been ethically sourced?

The collaborative relationships Di Bella Coffee has with the farmers is very important to us, just like our homewares side of the business, where we buy direct and not through middle-men.
Chinta 3

How does your business benefit from partnering with Di Bella?

Di Bella Coffee has always been willing to go on the journey with us. The support we receive from the Account Managers in Perth is nothing short of fantastic. We benefit from the high quality Di Bella Coffee products and skilled support team.

What are the most important support services your business receives from Di Bella Coffee?

1. Business support
2. Technical support
3. Marketing
4. Training
5. Legal advice

The support we receive and the ideas to boost our coffee sales have been incredible from day one.

Tell us a little bit about your café.

We are a unique inner-suburban café in North Perth where you can find amazing gifts and homewares while enjoying our happy lifestyle environment. Our customers range from babies to retirees and everyone in-between. Our venue is a gorgeous revamped garage/warehouse just off Charles Street on Scarborough Beach Road.

Chinta Cafe can be found at 29 Scarborough Beach Road, North Perth and is open from 7am - 4pm 7days a week and for dinner on Thursdays & Fridays. Click Here to follow them on Instagram or Click Here to follow them on Facebook.

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