Retail and Cafe Coffee Solutions

There is something fundamentally satisfying about brewing your own coffee at home or in the workplace. Extracting the delicate balance of flavours, surrounded in the powerful aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, all while in a place of comfort. At Di Bella Coffee we realise that individual needs and wants are different when it comes to the preferred brewing method so we offer variety and options to let your taste-buds guide your choices; find out more on the range we have on offer below.

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In the home

Yes, you deserve it! Time in the home is precious, but that should never be an excuse not to be able to enjoy the Ultimate Coffee Experience. We go out of our way to ensure we have a specialty coffee product to suit your taste, and that you have the knowledge at your fingertips to make the perfect cup of coffee to impress your friends and family.

Buying from home

Has never been easier. All our popular blends featuring freshly roasted beans are available online, as is our entire range of specialty coffee products. Buy fresh as you need it and your order will be delivered direct to your door. Browse through our shop here. Simply set up an account so you can even create recurring orders of your favourite products when you want them: never run out again. Create an account here.

Visit our roasting warehouse

Explore first-hand the magic of Di Bella Coffee. Take time out to experience the buzz of this coffee hub while soaking up the wealth of knowledge and experiences on offer. If you’re not a coffee ‘expert’ yet, a visit our roasting warehouse and it will set you on that sensory journey. Our team love sharing their ‘passion’ with you, so please don’t be shy. Come and visit us at 82 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills -  it is well worth it to understand what goes into making the Ultimate Coffee Experience. Contact Us


Learning can enhance your enjoyment of Di Bella Coffee.  One of our aims is to improve the understanding of coffee. Our range of specialised training courses are designed to give you a practical understanding in the art of coffee making from Crop to Cup. A little knowledge can make the difference between a good cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee. If you want some extra help or tips check out the courses on offer at our head office in Bowen Hills. Learn More

Specialty products

All Di Bella Coffee specialty products are available online and at our roasting warehouse. If a premium taste and time are important, treat yourself to Di Bella Specialty Coffee Capsules – where quality meets convenience.

In the workplace

Balancing quality outcomes with tight deadlines don’t always go hand in hand, yet they are constant partners in a successful workplace. That’s why Di Bella Coffee places so much importance on looking for the most convenient way to deliver the Ultimate Coffee Experience.

Di Bella Coffee has solutions to suit your requirements and the type of equipment and facilities you have.. If you’re like the rest of the world your equipment probably ranges from a kettle to a reasonably sophisticated coffee machine

Specialty coffee for the office... 

Simply set up an online account here, place the order and your coffee will be delivered direct to your organisation. You will find all your coffee, tea and other ancillary needs in one place so there  is no need for multiple suppliers or trips to the supermarket to keep your staff room stocked.

Choosing the right coffee solution...

The options we have available are designed to match the set-up you have at work. If your office uses coffee beans and you want to improve your experience simply order your preferred blend of freshly roasted coffee.  If you are currently using a capsule machine then why not try our new Specialty Coffee Capsules. See our full range of products here.

Coffee equipment...

We stock and supply all the coffee equipment needed to create your own ultimate coffee experience in the office. You can also upgrade your current coffee making equipment with confidence by talking to us, we have a range of coffee making solutions that you can buy here or in-store at our Roasting Warehouse.

Coffee can bring people together... 

In more ways than just around the lunch-room table. We love the way that coffee unites people, that’s why we offer a hands-on class that is perfect for team building or corporate events. Our Blended – Corporate Team Building course uses the art of coffee making and the satisfaction of working together to roast a signature blend to unite your team. See our range of courses here.