Raw Coffee

Our priority as a coffee company is to deliver a quality, consistent cup through our range of signature blends. We have decided what we want to achieve with the blends in terms of taste parameters and profile-- acidity, body, aroma, sweetness -- then go in search of the raw coffees we require to achieve it.

Starting by selecting the appropriate variety of coffee that would provide those flavours, we then shortlist the farms that grow those varieties; either selecting a suitable crop from those available or liaising with farmers to prepare one in order to achieve the profile we are looking for.

The concept of choosing relates to the idea that coffee traders determine the range and availability of coffee based on what they are selling and where they are willing to deliver. This means that roasters and their blends are limited by the coffees made available by traders, as well as whether or not a roaster is situated within a given “delivery zone”. Most roasters within a delivery zone will therefore be supplied with the same components to create blends. As a result, many roasters will produce blends that are extremely similar or in many cases identical.

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Through our unique direct trade raw coffee buying programme, Crop to Cup, we are able to supply wholesale quantities of raw coffee to local roasters and smaller quantities directly to the public for domestic use. We also offer cupping sessions, roasting and blending advice as well as information regarding micro-lots and grading. Please contact us by completing the below form.