Corporate Coffee Solutions

For Di Bella Coffee growth is a constant. We understand that our goals can only be achieved by diversity and catering to different customer segments. As a company we must constantly be on the lookout for fresh ideas and new innovation to satisfy the different needs of our customers. The Ultimate Coffee Experience doesn't just happen in the café or at home, it happens wherever people consume coffee, and in whatever form.

This innovative approach to becoming the most comprehensive, full service coffee provider from Crop to Cup, has enabled us to expand outside the wholesale and home markets into broader corporate environments, including hotels and function centres, hospitals, mining camps; wherever the need for convenience is as important as the insistence of quality.

In hotels, function centres, hospitals;

Di Bella Specialty Capsules

Our Capsules are the ideal in-room quality solution for hotel guests, and a great alternative for function centres wanting to improve their customer experience by offering freshly extracted quality coffee in a convenient way. 

Roasted Coffee

Roasted coffee is available for hotels, hospitals and function centres. Di Bella Coffee offers a diverse range of carefully crafted signature coffee blends to satisfy all coffee consumers.

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Chris Bourne

Ph: 0437 990 907

Contract roasting

We have expanded our business one step further to include contract roasting; we design blends and roast for companies that require large volumes necessary to service multiple outlets under their own brand name.

The benefit of contract roasting to organisations is the knowledge that Di Bella Coffee is a fully integrated coffee company offering the security of consistent, high quality coffee.

Our state of the art roasting capability and our buying power means we can support our clients with lower overheads and more competitive pricing. 

Distributors, stockists and on-sellers

Our range of specialty coffee products can be an ideal way to improve your revenue and generate a significant source of income because of our competitive pricing and unique product offering, including: Di Bella Specialty Coffee Capsules and a wide range of ancillary products.