Di Bella Roasting Warehouse

Roasting warehouse   

Our Roasting Warehouse is a coffee lover’s dream. You can purchase freshly ground coffee beans; enjoy an array of tasty food, and shop for coffee brewing equipment and accessories amid the spectacle of watching coffee roasting before your eyes.  

Coffee aficionados can learn more about coffee through our barista training, coffee appreciation courses, master classes and cupping sessions. Our tours include complimentary domestic training sessions where you can bring in your own coffee machine to learn coffee making techniques, cleaning and maintenance, as well as troubleshooting techniques. We also offer a range of factory tours such as the Ultimate Crop to Cup Journey which features the coffee growing process from cultivation, harvest and roasting through to extraction and training on a coffee machine. While we love to share our knowledge and expertise, our aim is to ‘educate, not dictate’. We know everyone’s Ultimate Coffee Experience is different, and we want to help you create yours! For more about the tours and courses we offer, click here.

Drive thru

The Di Bella Coffee Drive Thru opened its doors in Brisbane in 2008, becoming the city’s first drive thru café. Operated by our highly skilled baristas who can deliver a quality cup of coffee in less than two minutes, the Drive Thru attracts hundreds of motorists every day who are drawn to the quick, efficient and quality of our in-car service. Our Drive Thru provides the quality service, coffee, food and drinks expected from a cafe, with the added speed and convenience of a drive thru operation.

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Retail Roasting Warehouse + Bean Lab

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Di Bella Coffee Drive Thru

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