Travelling Coffee Tips for the Weekend Getaway

Travelling Coffee Tips for the Weekend Getaway

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When travelling you are seeking experiences, escape and adventure, knowing this will often come at the expense of homely comforts. While you pump up the air bed and contemplate the shower options ahead of you, read this guide for the weekend coffee-loving traveler to ensure you don’t have to go without great coffee as well.

Why don't we brew it on the road?

If you’re taking off past the security of fresh espresso coffee, don’t feel the need to cut your caffeination cord completely as there are countless ways to brew it on the road without the sacrifice of freshness or flavour.

Here are our favourite brewing methods when travelling for even the most basic setups! A bit of heat, a bit of know-how and you are in control of your coffee destiny.

Stovetop Brew Guide

Stovetops are a camping favourite, brewing coffee over a campfire is a true wordly pleasure. Just be careful not to let the open flames hit the handle, alternatively use a hot plate or gas cooker.


  1. Fill the lower part of the Stovetop with cold water to just below the relief valve.
  2. Fill the basket with ground coffee be sure not to tamp the coffee down.
  3. Assemble the Stovetop and place over a medium heat, ensuring the handle is away from direct heat.
  4. The water will heat and build pressure causing the coffee to extract to the top section.
  5. This should talk no longer than 4 minutes.
  6. When the consistency of coffee turns from syrupy to thin, or begins to bubble, remove the stovetop from the heat

Recommended Coffees: Premium Blend, Felici Blend, or Ali Reserve.

Stovetop Brewing
Credit: @Elijahhail


The Aeropress is a durable and innovative brewing device that travels well. It's a very easy way to get a smooth and rich coffee in the wild. We have even created a Traveller Bundle that includes an Aeropress and pre-ground coffee.


  1. Invert the Aeropress with the plunger upside down and the brewing chamber open above it.
  2. Add 1 scoop of coffee to the inverted chamber, and fill water up to the #1 marker.
  3. Stir until coffee and water are combined.
  4. Add the cap with either a paper filter or the reusable stainless steel filter.
  5. Let the coffee steep for around 60 seconds before turning over onto a mug.
  6. Press the plunger down at an even pressure until you reach the bottom.
  7. Remove the Aeropress and enjoy.

Recommended Coffees: Serafini Blend, our Single Origins, or Organic.

aeropress camping
Credit: @Thehandsomewade

Handpresso Auto

The Handpresso was designed with the traveler in mind, conveniently powered by a 12V adapter found in most cars, this is travelling gadget to truly take fresh espresso coffee wherever the road takes you. Conveniently simple and produces a delicious extraction.


  1. Add water and fill coffee basket with ground coffee.
  2. Activate the Handpresso, after 3 beeps the coffee has infused.
  3. Hold the Handpresso over your cup and press the extraction button.

Recommended Coffees: Espresso Blend, Nero Blend, or Arnika Reserve.

handpresso Auto

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