Tips for making great coffee from your desk

Tips for making great coffee from your desk

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Even if you don’t have access to an espresso machine at work, you can easily enjoy the ultimate coffee experience from the comfort of your own desk. Your beloved morning ritual or afternoon pick-me-up should be truly enjoyed, so don’t settle for less! Di Bella offers a number of alternative brewing methods to perfect your favourite brew that are quick, easy and don’t involve pods or instant coffee.

These are the perfect solutions for the true coffee connoisseur, and can be easily used right at your desk to make the perfect cup – every time. With these machines, you can make every workday a Di Bella day and say goodbye to that bitter instant coffee!

French Press

The French Press technique is a classic, and for good reason. Ever since the 1950s, this sleek little plunger has been providing coffee lovers with a simple solution to making full-bodied brews at home and at work. Our Bodum Chambord Plunger maintains the classic design and method that has been loved for decades.


  • Rinse your plunger in hot water.
  • Add your coffee – two heaped tablespoons of coarse ground beans per cup, and one extra tablespoon for the pot.
  • Pour in boiling water – between 92 and 96 degrees Celsius – until water level reaches bottom of steel frame at the top of the plunger.
  • Stir briefly and gently to mix any floating coffee particles.
  • Wait three to five minutes.
  • Insert plunger and slowly push down until coffee grounds are at the bottom of the plunger.
  • Pour and enjoy!

For further instructions, you can watch our demonstration.

Pour Over

The pour over method is fast becoming one of the most popular manual brewing methods. Delicious pour over coffee is made simple with the use of our Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper,and gives you complete control over every aspect of your coffee.


  • Best for a single cup, use 15g coffee to 240mL water.
  • Place pre-soaked filter inside of dripper and place dripper on top of mug.
  • Add coffee grinds to filter.
  • Slowly pour water in a spiral pattern.
  • Wait for the water to drain into the mug, and enjoy.


The versatile AeroPress method is suitable for every coffee lover, giving you the option of a subtle brew or one with a syrupy body and bold flavours. With its gentle air pressure, our Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker provides a smooth, uniform extraction in no time.


  • After applying filter, place cap in chamber and chamber on mug.
  • Add coffee.
  • Add hot water – between 92 and 96 degrees Celsius.
  • Stir gently.
  • Insert plunger and press down slowly as water drains into mug.
  • Enjoy as espresso or add more water and milk for a delicious latte.

For the love of coffee, stop settling for instant and hone your inner barista with our fast, easy and affordable alternative brewing methods. Check out our signature blends and roasted single origin varieties here, and never have a bad cup of coffee again!