Tips for Steaming Almond Milk

Tips for Steaming Almond Milk

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With the increasing popularity of lactose free and non-dairy milk options, we are wanted to share our top steaming tips when working with Almond Milk.

Almond Milk is a sensitive product and the following tips will assist you in achieving the best results with your favourite coffee.

Tips for Steaming Almond Milk

  1. Always shake milk carton first to combine sediments

  2. Dose the required amount of milk to your jug, be sure to have the right sized jug for the amount of milk you are going to need

  3. Steam and allow air into the milk (texturing) in the beginning only and as gently as possible to create a creamy texture

  4. Almond Milk is mainly water so it cannot texture to a cappuccino consistency. Steam it gently as if it was a flat white. Trying to texture it more will cause very bubbly and bad texture of the Almond Milk.

  5. Avoid overheating, as this will increase the chance of splitting in contact with the espresso shot

  6. Pour it slower as well to stop the splitting and breaking of crema due to its watery consistency

  7. Purge steam wand before and after steaming to avoid cross contamination

Note that if you enjoy your coffee extra hot or as a double shot, be aware that there is a high chance the Almond Milk will “split “.