Spring Starts With A Fruit Bomb

Spring Starts With A Fruit Bomb

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Spring is here, and with it another stunning selection of Single Origin coffees. This month we feature a unique coffee experience that involves a variation of a the natural  coffee processing technique named 'Supersonic' and the resulting flavours and aromas are an explosion of fruits and sweetness. We have also secured an award winning Rwandan coffee that we have roasted for filter brewing.

Our first showcase coffee originates from Finca Himalaya in El Salvador and is the result of the very special ‘Supersonic’ natural process profile.  The amount of time and care that farmer Mauricio Salaverria puts into all steps of production is impressive. He tracks all his lots by harvest date and his processing facilities are immaculately clean. Years of experimentation resulted in a profile that tastes like a “fruit bomb” of cherries, blueberries, strawberry, juicy currants and high panela sweetness with big, creamy body. Enjoy from your first inhale to your last sip.


Supersonic Coffee takes it slow

To achieve the ‘fruit bomb’ profile, Mauricio uses his farming skills to carefully select lots which will be perfect for this profile. The cherries can come from one or a combination of different farms. Coffee picked on the same day is placed on African beds creating a thick layer around 30cm deep.

Supersonic drying

For the first three days the coffee is turned every 24 hours to reduce fermentation. After this period the coffee is spread thinly, to increase clarity. Once moisture content has reached 16% the coffee is moved to a cool dark storage area for seven days for the sugars to stabilise. Then finally, the coffee is moved back to African beds for another seven days or until the beans have a moisture content of 12%.

It is a four week, labour intensive and complex process, but it is worth it.

Supersonic drying beds

Our second showcase coffee originates from the Maraba region in the Southern Province of Rwanda. This coffee is elegant, super sweet and has an ultra clean flavour profile. It has a tea-like mouthfeel with a silky texture, medium body and malic acidity. The flavour profile of raspberry, blackcurrant, blueberry & dried fruit makes this the perfect filter coffee and helped this coffee to achieve 4th place in Rwanda’s finest auction 2016.

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