So... you want to roast coffee yourself?

So... you want to roast coffee yourself?

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So…You want to roast coffee yourself?

Okay, so you've just taken the plunge and bought a shiny new home coffee roaster! What awaits is pure heaven and a lifelong journey of sensory development, coupled with the occasional caffeine fuelled overload. Suffice to say you are definitely going to enjoy what comes next.

Here are a few tips on where to start with home coffee roasting:

1. Read your instructions

I know, I know it’s boring and you probably want to dive right in and get cracking (bad roasting pun, sorry) but roasters are generally pretty pricey so you want to be using them correctly from the get go.

2. Buy a few kilos of beans that you can just burn through (advice not to be taken too literally..)

The first few roasts are the most exciting because you have a chance to explore the roasters capabilities so why not buy a basic, good coffee that roasts well (something from our Raw Coffee category) and you can experiment with, hopefully without breaking the bank. No need to buy super special, expensive coffee until you have a thorough understanding of how to use the roaster.

Home roasting guide 

Designed by Russel van Kraayenburg

3. Keep notes

Notes on coffee variety, note your roast times, roast levels and taste will be your fastest route to mastering your new roaster.

4. Taste, Taste, Taste!!!!!

Let your palate guide you. If it tastes good, awesome! And then ask yourself, what can I do to make it taste better? Hopefully, with this in mind you will be on your way to coffee heaven.

Di Bella Coffee has a large selection of green bean coffee varieties available online. Enjoy the journey and share with your friends!