Showcase Origins: Out of Africa

Showcase Origins: Out of Africa

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This month we are showcasing 4 unique single origin coffees from Africa. To learn more about these coffees, we spoke to our raw coffee buyer Moises Tawil about how he finds and selects these coffees.


Travelling the world as a raw coffee buyer, how do you know where to look for these amazing coffees?

Moises: Actually we start with the customer in mind. We keep a close eye on consumer patterns and feedback from customers and then search for farmers that can match some of our desired profiles with their coffees.

Economic and political stability plays a role in securing great coffees but we mostly concentrate on how the main components are covered with each variety offered by farmers.


At what time in the growing/harvesting season do you secure the supply of the coffee?

Moises: We start liaising with farmers as early as possible in order to allow farmers to secure assets that help farmers to produce high quality coffee. So our work start with analysis of very promising and possible lots, followed by submitting contracts to the farmers.

With those contracts the farmer can secure loans which allows them to secure material, assets and workforce to grow and harvest the best possible lots. The sooner we provide the farmers with security the better the quality in the cup.


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What do the growers/farmers do to ensure a consistent quality crop and good working conditions?

Moises: All year round farmers work on the conditioning of the farm which includes training of the workforce and providing a work environment that fosters a loyal work force for the farm in the long term to guarantee a better output.

Also, it is important to note that there is a holistic integration between families, where farmers and workers are all one family in many aspects. The outcome of this is better health, education and work opportunities. For us it is very important to see this developing and being part of it through our Crop to Cup program.


What makes these single origin coffees from Africa so special?

Moises: These coffees have been secured to match customers’ requests for highly fruity notes with high acidity. Personally, it makes me really happy to be part of the journey from a customer request to the quest of finding the right farmers and lots. It is very rewarding to work with the roasters at Di Bella Coffee and watch them roast these unique coffees. We worked on these coffees with the OLAM group and were quite happy to see these coffees in our portfolio coming from such a reputable group.


What brewing technique do you recommend for these coffees:


Tanzania Shiwanda Single Origin: This coffee is a great choice for a long black.

Congo Viranga Station G4 Single Origin: Short black, no doubt!

Zimbabwe New Year's Gift Estate Single Origin: I recommend a long black.

Kenya Twiga AB Single Origin:  A macchiato is the perfect match.