Showcasing 3 African Sisters Specialty Coffee

Showcasing 3 African Sisters Specialty Coffee

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Through our Crop to Cup program, we are privileged to work with coffee growing communities all around the world which embody ethical and sustainable farming practices.

One such coffee producer is 3 African Sisters, a coffee growing collective based in the Gakenke district of the Rwandan highlands. The 3 African Sisters coffee company promotes transparency, traceability and accountability in its farming practices. It is the collective’s belief that every time you drink 3 African Sisters specialty coffee, you are adding one more brick to the building of a great country and people.



The 3 African Sisters coffee company was founded by a South African family who relocated to Rwanda in 2009 with the intention of building a sustainable specialty coffee business that would benefit the local communities, improve the lives of women in the coffee industry and empower small hold farmers by showcasing the incredible coffee grown in the region.

“Our coffee represents the heart, soul, and determination of the Rwandese people in this tiny oasis in the heart of Africa. We chose the face of women as our brand image as I found it has been the women here in Rwanda who have played such a great part and been instrumental in changing the image from one of hate to one of hope. I too would like to contribute and influence changing the coffee culture here in Rwanda together with our 3 African Sisters coffee brand."  - Tanya Sacks, Co-Founder of Three African Sisters.

The name "3 African Sisters" comes from the African custom of referring to extended family members as sisters and brothers, and points to the fact that the co-op sources its coffee from the three connected 'sister' countries of Rwanda, Burundi and D.R. Congo that were once considered one land.

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This month one of our showcase single origin coffees is Rwanda Coko, which has been farmed and produced by 3 African Sisters. The Coko washing station that processes this particular coffee was built in 2007 and is run by a predominantly female co-operative. It collects cherries from over 1,500 farmers in the surrounding area, known for producing the highest quality beans.

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The coffee is handpicked, de-pulped, dry fermented for 12 hours and then wet fermented for 18 hours, washed with mountain spring water, shade dried, then sun dried on raised beds.

We encourage you to try Rwanda Coko as it’s not only an exceptional quality coffee but because it embodies such a positive movement in African coffee growing communities. You will enjoy its juicy and sweet tasting notes of red fruit, choc-caramel and black tea