Sensational Brazil Single Origin Now Available

Sensational Brazil Single Origin Now Available

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Our latest limited release single origin, Ninho da Aguia, hails from the Matas de Minas region in Brazil. A must try for any coffee aficionado, Ninho da Aguia offers a rare profile and a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.

Ninho da Aguia Farm

Surrounded by the highest mountains of Brazil with untouched vegetation, the Ninho da Aguia Farm (Eagle's Nest Farm) produces what can be considered one of the best coffees in Brazil.

The farm uses no pesticides and maintains over 70% of the area as a national park, allowing birds and insects to naturally pollinate the flowers of the coffee plantations.

Located at altitudes above 1400 meters, the micro-climate and soil are completely unique to any other coffee growing region in the world, allowing this coffee to present flavours that can’t be found from other crops.

The beans are carefully separated by hand and are totally free of defects, pesticides or fertilizers making it a truly organic coffee.

About the Coffee

Displaying apple and pear as its acidity in a rich chocolate base. Sweetness towards caramel and molasses. This incredible coffee can be enjoyed with or without milk. Suited for espresso brewing.

Region: Matas de Minas
Area: Pico da Bandeira (Brazil’s 2nd highest peak)
Crop: 2015/2016
Variety: Red Catuai
Altitude: 1440 metres above sea level
Processing: Pulped-Natural
Certifications: Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ, Certifica Minas

Aroma: Chocolate
Acidity: Apple and pear
Flavour: Dark caramel
Body: Full

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