New Barista Accessories

New Barista Accessories

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Christmas has arrived early, with our new range of contemporary barista accessories having just landed online and in-store, and we’re excited!

The colourful range of Rhinowares milk jugs will add a splash of colour to your day, while also helping you keep track of your alternative milks like soy and almond, especially in a professional situation.


Made with non-stick material and thick, food grade stainless steel, these jugs are durable, easy to keep clean and they look & feel great. The spout is designed for smooth pouring and latte art and the thicker grade steel provides a great weight and feel – way to get your baristas excited! Available in 5 colours: red, white, green, blue & black.

We’re also stocking brewing accessories like the Brewista Smart Scale which we love in our DBC retail stores. This has a timer built in for ultimate precision brewing and makes the whole process of using V60s streamlined and accurate.

brewista scales

The Kone Coffee Filter is a reusable metal filter designed to be used with the Chemex and Kone brewing system. This filter excels because it allows more oils to reach the cup, which means a richer, fuller bodied cup of coffee compared to those brewed with paper filters. Being reusable means there’s less waste and mess, as you simply put the grounds in your compost bin and rinse the filter under hot water.

Kone Filter

Next up, the Hario Cold Brew Bottle, a simple and convenient way to make delicious cold brew coffee. Fill the bottle with cold water, place the mesh infuser inside after loading with coarsely ground coffee, leave it in the fridge overnight and in the morning you’ll have your own batch of cold brew concentrate! Just quietly, this is perfect for tea too.

We are loving the Handpresso Auto which is a portable 12 volt espresso machine that can be plugged into a car’s lighter socket. This is the traveller’s ultimate companion - great for caravans or your 2 door coupe.

The beautiful Hario Copper V60 is such an outstanding design. It looks great and brews delicious filter coffee. The benefit of the copper is that it’s stable and allows heat to be transferred evenly to the coffee grounds, giving great results in your brew. This one is an impressive gift idea too.

Copper V60

If you’re tired of wasting coffee and cleaning wayward coffee grounds, then the Orphan Espresso dosing funnel is for you. Made from stainless steel and designed to fit most commercial 58mm filter baskets, the dosing funnel helps to direct the grinds where they are meant to be, saving you time and money. The DBC retail baristas endorse this product for its accuracy and cleanliness when dosing shots.

Finally, the Kruve Sifter is a new way to help you perfect the grind size that is meeting your brew device. It has a two-tier design and range of interchangeable sieve sizes which allows you to only let the desired grind size come through. This is great for alternate brewers who are honing their coffee-brew skills to expert (geek) status.