Meet the Mamani Family

Meet the Mamani Family

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Di Bella Coffee is very excited to announce that our Bolivia Organic is now available to order online. This specialty grade coffee has been exclusively sourced through our Crop to Cup programme.

In Part 2 of this 2 part blog, we’ll take a look at the story behind the farmers who grew this unique coffee as well as what you can expect from its flavour profile. 


Our Bolivian Organic was grown on a farm owned by the Mamani family in the village of San Ignacio, in the Caranavi providence of Bolivia. This region is where 90% of all Bolivia’s coffee is grown due to its high mountainous landscape and humid weather. These elements make for excellent coffee growing conditions.

The crops from the Mamani family farm are grown at altitudes between 1,500 and 1,650 meters above sea level, meaning the coffee will be more flavorful and aromatic compared to coffee grown at lower altitudes.

The Mamani family farm is run by 4 family members who work together to source beans from neighboring coffee farms and process the cherries in their small wet mill.

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Wet Mill Processing

Cherries that are processed in a wet mill are soaked in water, during which unripe cherries will float to the top and ripe ones will sink. The outer skin of the ripe cherries is removed through a pulping machine and then the beans are transferred to fermentation tanks to soak.

Wet Mill processing

African Drying Beds

At the Mamani farm, once the beans have been washed and the skins completely removed, they are dried on raised African drying beds. These beds are considered to be the most effective way of drying coffee, as they allow fresh air to flow from above and below the coffee, achieving consistent drying results.

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For this blog we reached out to Emilio from the Mamani family farm to learn a bit more about their coffee farm.

What is the family history and philosophy of your farm? 

Working with coffee is a way of life for us. This can become difficult at times due to the low yield from coffee crops compared to other farming sectors. This is why we work collaboratively with other families in the area to get the best outcome possible from working with coffee.

How do you ensure your crop is organic?

To ensure our crops remain certified as organic, our farm works with Agricabv – Agricola Cafetalera Buena Vista. For 17 years, this company has channelled its efforts into the production of quality Bolivian coffees. Agricabv helps us to make sure that all organic parameters are upheld while they also ensure that other sectors which could contaminate the land do not interfere.

How does this coffee support community projects and the development of your locality?

Agricabv is working in partnership with the local community in developing an agro-ecological tourism project in order to improve the social and environmental situation for farmers and workers in the region. So when people drink our coffee, they can know that they are helping to support this project.

Agricabv also assists us in improving the growing conditions of our crops so that we are able to attract higher prices as the beans are higher quality.

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How do you see your farm developing for the future?

We are working to secure more land to grow our crops which can help us increase production. This will help to provide work in the future for the young people here who are often forced to leave due to a lack of job opportunities.

Why do you prefer to trade with Crop to Cup?

The integration from our farm to stores is what’s important for us. So with Crop to Cup we can see where our product ends up, that is a positive outcome for us.

Do you have a personal message for the Australian coffee customers drinking your coffee?

Come to visit us in Bolivia so we can show you what a great nation we are and how growing coffee has provided our region with fantastic opportunities for the future!


The growing conditions at the Mamani farm, as well as the tireless effort the family has put into making their crops organic and specialty grade, make this exclusive coffee very special. Drinkers will enjoy a unique and sophisticated fragrance, acidity and flavour profile in their cup.

Fragrance: cashew with hints of malt & bakers chocolate
Acidity: delicate and pronounced
Flavour: complex stonefruit flavours, clean cup

The specialty grade and organic certifications of our Bolivian Organic make it a truly exceptional coffee. This coffee has a limited availability and is now available for order online. Our BoliviaOrganic is a must try for those looking to enjoy a unique coffee experience.