Isomac equipment introduction

Isomac equipment introduction

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Are you ready to enter the world of making espresso coffee at home, or looking to upgrade your current machine?

Di Bella Coffee is pleased to announce that we have a new range of coffee machines and grinders suitable for use in the home or office.

Isomac is an Italian manufacturer of great tradition, founded by Giovanni Fontana and based near Milan, Italy. They have been designing and producing high quality machines dedicated to espresso coffee lovers since 1977. We love Isomac because, unlike its contemporaries, the entire range uses commercial grade parts, including high quality stainless steel, brass & copper. This delivers great performance on extraction and thermal stability, an absolute must for ‘next-level’ home coffee making. We also know and trust the brand, having worked with them for over 10 years here at Di Bella Coffee.

In terms of design and ergonomics, these machines absolutely stand up. They’re built solid, look amazing, and feel smooth to navigate…but the proof is definitely in the cup!

We have 4 different models available, from an entry level domestic machine, to the top of the range dual boiler machine, all backed with 12 months warranty on parts and labour.

Let’s meet them……


Zaffiro Due

The Isomac Zaffiro is a compact machine that offers an incredible espresso coffee experience. It’s equipped with great features including an E61 group head with classic manual lever design, removable cup tray, large drip tray and a 700ml boiler. This machine delivers an exceptional coffee every time. The Zaffiro also has an adjustable thermostat which allows you to dial in the optimum temperature for the perfect espresso. Other great features include a cool touch steam jet and commercial size group handles and baskets – meaning you can truly meet the pros at their game!


Tea Due

The Isomac Tea (pronounced “Tia”) is a versatile coffee machine of exceptional quality, suitable for use in the home or workplace. The Tea’s heat exchanger lets you steam milk while also making espresso, and its large 3-litre water tank, combined with a 1.2 litre boiler, keeps the heat consistent throughout use. These machines can really shine in an office environment where you are making multiple coffees at a time. This model also features the E61 group head, providing solid thermal control throughout the extraction process. This machine is perfect for anyone looking for a professional style coffee machine.

isomac tea

Pro 6.1

Isomac Pro 6.1 is a commercial quality machine home or office machine stacked with impressive features. It has an insulated copper boiler for energy saving and increased thermal stability, and includes an automatic water refill feature that is electronically controlled. Twin gauges allow you to check both pump and boiler pressure during the extraction process. This machine boasts a professional heavy-duty brewing group with progressive coffee infusion system, allowing a smooth extraction of coffee, resulting in optimum aroma, body and crema. The 6.1 also gives you the option to connect it to main water supply for greater convenience. The 6.1 has a fully commercial rotary pump and mechanical grade pressure which really completes its advanced characteristics. This is the kind of machine baristas dream about having at home.

Isomac Pro 61

Pro Dual Boiler PID

We’re now at the top of our Isomac range with the Pro Dual Boiler PID. This machine features superior temperature stability, with a dedicated and independent espresso boiler as well as PID temperature control. It incorporates a full commercial rotary pump and parts, with the option of direct water connection or water tank supply. The temperature stability created with the advanced technical characteristics is really delivered in the cup - the crema, the quality of the milk and what it allows you to achieve as a barista in terms of flavour, texture and appearance. We absolutely love and back this machine!

Isomac PID



Isomac's Professionale domestic grinder gives a solid performance and is great value as an entry level home espresso grinder. This model features a doser-less spout which enables you to grind coffee fresh on demand, and conical burrs for consistency. Its elegant stainless steel construction makes it a reliable and great looking addition to your coffee set up.

Iso Professionale


The Isomac Granmacinino grinder features a polished stainless steel finish and large bean hopper. It is a great home espresso grinder, with a doser-less spout and an automatic insertion feature that conveniently grinds the coffee directly into the portafilter. This grinder is the perfect addition to your professional coffee machine.

Iso granmacinino

5.8 Mini Instant

This grinder is suited toward higher volume situations. It has a flat burr blade with no dosing chamber, forcing the freshest delivery of ground coffee to you. This is a smooth performing grinder which creates a consistent grind, delivered fast. We highly recommend this grinder for situations where multiple coffees are being created and the pace is faster than the usual home coffee situation.

Wega instant